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Civil War Pamphlets - Contents

Radical Pamphlets from the English Civil War


Bibliographic Note and Acknowledgements


A Fiery Flying Roll and A Second Fiery Flying Roll: Abiezer Coppe

A Single Eye: Laurence Clarkson

A Rout, A Rout: Joseph Salmon

His Second Part Of His Theous-Ori Apokolipikal: TheaurauJohn Tany


Light Shining In Buckinghamshire: Gerrard Winstanley

A Mite Cast into the Common Treasury: Robert Coster.

The Brotherly Request of those that Are Called Diggers - A Letter to Colonel Fairfax

A Declaration of the Grounds and Reasons (Wellinborrow)

A Declaration of the Grounds and Reasons (Iver)


London's Liberty in Chains Discovered: John Lilburne

Tyranipocrit discovered (Anonymous)

The Mournful Cries of Many Thousand Poor Tradesmen (Anonymous)

The Baiting of the Great Bull of Bashan: Richard Overton


A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise:  John Reeve & Lodowick Muggleton


The Discovery of the Great Enmity of the Serpent against the Seed of the Woman: William Duesbury

The Lamb's Officer is Gone Forth with the Lamb's Message: George Fox

A Woe against Kendal: Francis Howgill

The Serpent's Subtlety Discovered: Ambrose Rigg

Fifth Monarchists

The Bloody Vision of John Farley: Arise Evans

The Resurrection of the Witnesses: Mary Cary

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