1. Smething, smoking; in some copies bletheynge, but in the or~al as above. Back.
2. lethal, deadly. Back.
3. twytte, pluck or pull. Back.
4. surcote, a cloke, or mantel, which hid all the other dress. Back.
5. shepsterres, shepherds. Back.
6. abrodden, abruptly, so Chaucer, Syke he abredden dyd attourne. Back.
7. affraie, affright. Back.
8. enheped, added. Back.
9. dernie, sad. Back.
10. balefull, woeful, lamentable. Back.
11. Sabalus, the Devil. Back.
12. mote, might. Back.
13. swote, sweet. Back.
14. dygne, good, neat, genteel. Back.
15. gravots, groves, sometimes used for a coppice. Back.
16. far-kend, far-seen. Back.
17. Errmiet, Hermit. Back.
18. ribible, violin. Back.
19. dynning, sounding. Back.
20. hoastrie, inn, or public-house. Back.
21. eke, also. Back.
22. dysporte, pleasure. Back.
23. Impestering, annoying. Back.
24. warde, to keep off. Back.
25. aye, ever, always. Back.
26. mees, meadows. Back.
27. applynges, grafted trees. Back.
28. embodyde, thick, stout, Back.
29. Parker's Grange, liberty of pasture given to the Parker. Back.
30. cuyen, tender. Back.
31. kyne, cows. Back.
32. stringe, strong. Back.
33. gorne, garden. Back.
34. emblaunched, whitened. Back.
35. comfreie, cumfrey, a favourite dish at that time. Back.
36. floure Seyncte Marie, marygold. Back.
37. duressed, hardened. Back.
38. Ihanten'd, accustomed. Back.
39. obaie, abide. This line is also wrote, Here wyll I obaie until dethe appere, but this is modernized. Back.
40. leathel, deadly. Back.
41. sleaeth, destroyeth, killeth. Back.
42. gre, grow. Back.
43. bement, lament. Back.
44. boolie, much-loved, beloved. Back.
45. calked, cast out, ejected. Back.
46. Cullys-yatte, the portcullis, which guarded the gate, on which often depended the castle. Back.
47. dome, fate. Back.
48. my sonne alleyn, my only son. Back.
49. ystorven, dead. Back.
50. logges, cottages. Back.
51. selyness, happiness. Back.
52. Mynsterres, monasterys. Back.
53. alleyn, only. Back.
54. hallie, holy. Back.
55. rode, complexion. Back.


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