1. Sprytes, Spirits, souls. Back.
2. pleasaunce, pleasure. Back.
3. brede, broad. Back.
4. gleme, shine, glimmer. Back.
5. amenused, diminished, lessened. Back.
6. aston, astonished, confounded. Back.
7. ken, see, discover, know. Back.
8. syke, such, so. Back.
9. breme, strong. Back.
10. heafods, heads. Back.
11. coupe, cut. Back.
12. lymed, glassy, reflecting. Back.
13. oundes, waves, billows. Back.
14. ake, oak. Back.
15. slughorne, a musical instrument, not unlike a hautboy. Back.
16. swotye, sweet. Back.
17. cleme, sound. Back.
18. conteke, confuse, contend with. Back.
19. dynnynge, sounding. Back.
20. trones, thrones. Back.
21. astedde, seated. Back.
22. gule, red. Back.
23. depeyncted, painted. Back.
24. Decorn, carved. Back.
25. fonnes, devices. Back.
26. shemrynge, glimmering. Back.
27. Upswalynge, rising high, swelling up. Back.
28. heie, they. Back.
29. estells, a corruption of estoile, Fr. a star. Back.
30. eve, evening. Back.
31. merk, dark. Back.
32. nome-depeyncted, rebus'd shields; a herald term, when the charge of the shield implies the name of the bearer. Back.
33. alyche, like. Back.
34. alenge, along. Back.
35. sheene, shine. Back.
36. sweft-kerv'd, short-lived. Back.
37. brondeous, furious. Back.
38. reineth, runneth. Back.
39. Onknowlachynge, not knowing. Back.
40. obaie, abide. Back.
41. mittee, mighty. Back.
42. affraie, affright. Back.
43. balefull, woeful. Back.
44. ywreene, covered. Back.
45. bollengers and cottes, different kinds of boats. Back.
46. Eftsoones, full soon, presently. Back.
47. glare, glitter. Back.
48. gemoted, united, assembled. Back.
49. reynyng, running. Back.
50. foemen, foes. Back.
51. gif, if. Back.
52. boun, make ready. Back.
53. merk, dark. Back.
54. fraie, engage. Back.
55. blyn, cease, stand still. Back.
56. lyoncel, a young lion. Back.
57. feerie, flaming. Back.
58. gronfer, a meteor, from gron, a fen, and fer, a corruption of fire; that is, a fire exhaled from a fen. Back.
59. dyghte, deckt. Back.
60. drybblett, small, insignificant. Back.
61. wayne, carr. Back.
62. amayl'd, enameled. Back.
63. blaunchie, white, silver. Back.
64. estells, stars. Back.
65. Distraughte, distracting. Back.
66. affraie, affright. Back.
67. emburled, armed. Back.
68. ugsomme, terribly. Back.
69. Enchasynge, encouraging, heating. Back.
70. bevyle, break, a herald term, signifying a spear broken in tilting. Back.
71. dynn, sounds. Back.
72. sable, blacken. Back.
73. reles, waves. Back.
74. meynte, many, great numbers. Back.
75. sleene, slain. Back.
76. waylynge, decreasing. Back.
77. deene, glorious, worthy. Back.
78. marvels, wonders. Back.
79. aston, astonished. Back.
80. ywis, certainly. Back.
81. bayre, brow. Back.
82. twyghte, plucked, pulled. Back.
83. eft, often. Back.
84. wyere, grief, trouble. Back.

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