1. logges, huts. Back.
2. Bordels, cottages Back.
3. Hynde, servant, slave, peasant. Back.
4. gif, if. Back.
5. hem, a contraction of them. Back.
6. blakied, plain. Back.
7. kynde, nature. Back.
8. lycheynge, liking. Back.
9. mote, might. The sense of this line is, would you see everything in its primæaval state. Back.
10. wiseegger, philosopher. Back.
11. knowlache, wisdom. Back.
12. dysporteynge, sporting. Back.
13. asseled, answered. Back.
14. hele, help. Back.
15. wurche, work. Back.
16. drenche, drink. Back.
17. birlette, a hood, or covering for the back of the head. Back.
18. gelten, guilded. Back.
19. aumeres, borders of gold and silver, on which was laid thin plates of either metal interchanged, not unlike the present spangled laces. Back.
20. loverd, lord. Back.
21. sweltrie, sultry. Back.
22. wayne, car. Back.
23. seme, seed. Back.
24. swythyn, quickly, presently Back.
25. scille, gather Back.
26. gre, grow Back.
27. doome, fate. Back.
28. withe, a contraction of wither. Back.
29. forwyned, dried. Back.
30. swote, sweet. Back.
31. flourette, flower. Back.
32. evalle, equal. Back.
33. Cravent, coward. Back.
34. blent, ceased, dead, no more. Back.
35. bemente, lament. Back.
36. All-a-boon, a manner of asking a favour. Back.
37. Attourne, turn. Back.
38. Tentyflie, carefully Back.
39. chaper, dry, sun-burnt. Back.
40. delle, valley. Back.
41. barganette, a song, or ballad. Back.
42. arist, withered. Back.
43. Arist, arisen, or arose Back.
44. blew, blossomed. Back.
45. ascaunce, disdainfully. Back.
46. deigned, disdained. Back.
47. rennome, glory. Back.
48. Eftsoones, quickly. Back.
49. daie-brente burnt. Back.
50. Sycke, such. Back.
51. Loverds, lord's. Back.
52. Ente, a purse or bag. Back.
53. slea, slay. Back.
54. ethe, ease. Back.
55. trothe, truth. Back.
56. haile, happy. Back.
57. wurchest, workest. Back.
58. kivercled, the hidden or secret part of. Back.
59. soughlys, souls. Back.
60. eftsoones, full soon, or presently. Back.
61. wayne, car. Back.
62. twayne, two. Back.
63. jubb, a bottle. Back.
64. heiedeygnes, a country dance, still practiced in the North. Back.
65. foile, baffle Back.
66. feygnes, a corruption of feints. Back.
67. a minstrel is a musician. Back.
68. unliste, unbounded Back.
69. braunces, branches. Back.
70. fuired, furious Back.
71. unwers, tempests, storms. Back.
72. deere, dire. Back.
73. dole, dismay. Back.
74. Congeon, dwarf. Back.
75. abessie, humility. Back.
76. dyghte, decked. Back.
77. unquaced, unhurt. Back.
78. picte, picture. Back.
79. tempest-chaft, tempest-beaten. Back.


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