1. lysse, sport, or play. Back.
2. mensuredd, bounded, or measured. Back.
3. Quayntyssed, curiously devised. Back.
4. fons, fancys or devices. Back.
5. depictedd, painted, or displayed. Back.
6. feerie, fiery. Back.
7. amielde, ornamented, enameled. Back.
8. lyoncell, a young lion. Back.
9. depyctures, drawings, paintings. Back.
10. yatte, that. Back.
11A. spryte, soul. Back.
11B. spencer, dispenser. Back.
12. swythen, quickly. Back.
13. yeve, give. Back.
14. advantayle, armer. Back.
15. borne, burnish. Back.
16. meynte, many. Back.
17. neshe, young, weak, tender. Back.
18. grees, grows. Back.
19. bowke, body. Back.
20. nete, nothing Back.
21. alleyn, alone Back.
22. syke, so. Back.
23. herawde, herald. Back.
24. hemm, a contraction of them. Back.
25. Guid, Guie de Sancto Egidio, the most famous tilter of his age. Back.
26. Wyllyamm, William Rufus. Back.
27. reine, run. Back.
28. anente, against. Back.
29. fele, feeble. Back.
30. rennome, honour, glory. Back.
31. unthylle, useless. Back.
32. slugghorne, a kind of claryon. Back.
33. dynn, sound. Back.
34. swythenn, quickly. Back.
35. bounde, ready. Back.
36. Eftsoones, soon. Back.
37. beheste, command. Back.
38. meinte, most. Back.
39. shappe, fate, or doom. Back.
40. anenst, against. Back.
41. pyghte, pitched, or bent down. Back.
42. drocke, drink. Back.
43. servytuours, servants, attendants. Back.
44. barganette, song, or ballad. Back.
45. delievretie, activity. Back.
46A. knite, joined. Back.
46B. snett, bent. Back.
47. aborne, burnished. Back.
48. behestynge, commanding. Back.
49. hommageres, servants. Back.
50. hylted, hidden. Back.
51. floes, arrows. Back.
52. enyronn'd, worked with iron. Back.
53. plies, bends. Back.
54. dynns, sounds. Back.
55. battent, loudly. Back.
56. merke, dark, or gloome. Back.
57 flemed frighted. Back.
58. owlett, owl. Back.
59. eve-speckte, marked with evening dew. Back.
60. lordynge, standing on their hind legs. Back.
61. berten, venemous. Back.
62. neders, adders. Back.
63. sweltrie, hot, sultry. Back.
64. dynn, sound, noise. Back.
65. distraughte, distracted. Back.
66. floes, arrows. Back.
67. passent, walking leisurely. Back.
68. roghlynge, rolling. Back.
69. takelle, arrow. Back.
70. couraciers, horse coursers. Back.
71. eftsonnes, full soon. Back.
72. alyne, across his shoulders. Back.
73. ouch'd, garlands of flowers being put round the neck of the game, it was said to be ouch'd, from ouch, a chain, worn by earls round their necks. Back.
74. Tourneie, Turnament. Back.
75. affraie, fight, or encounter. Back.
76. yatte, that. Back.
77. contake, dispute. Back.
78. gauntlette, glove. Back.
79. gaberdyne, a piece of armour. Back.
80. leegefull, lawful. Back.
81. dygne, worthy. Back.
82. doughtilie, furiously. Back.
83. quacedd, vanquished. Back.
84. assayle, oppose. Back.
85. anente, against. Back.
86. myckle, much. Back.
87. scethe, damage, mischief. Back.
88. lissedd, bounded. Back.
89. blethe, bleed. Back.
90. ethe, easy. Back.
91. smoke. Back.
92. woe, hurt, or damage. Back.
93. mede, reward. Back.
94. affraie, fight or engage. Back.
95. tend, attend or wait. Back.
96. fie, defy. Back.
97. forreying, destroying. Back.
98. levynn, lightening. Back.
99. attoure, turn. Back.
100. beeveredd, beaver'd, Back.
101. efte, again. Back.
102. Swythenne, quickly. Back.
103. wrynn, declare. Back.
104. shappe, fate. Back.
105. corteous, worthy. Back.
106. heie, they. Back.
107. beseies, becomes. Back.
108. yeve, give. Back.
109. fraie, syght. Back.
110. rennomme, honour. Back.
111. Tourneie, Tournament. Back.
112. cravents, cowards, Back.
113. bewrynnynge, declaring. Back.
114. everichone, every one. Back.
115. ycrassed, broken, split. Back.
116. besprente, scatter'd. Back.
117. piercedd, broken, or pierced through with darts. Back.
118. stente, stained. Back.
119. lowes, flames. Back.
120. ybrente, burnt. Back.
121. val, healm. Back.
122. anethe, beneath. Back.
123. anethe, against. Back.
124. straught, stretched out. Back.
125. hallie, holy. Back.
126. faifullie, faithfully. Back.
127. boune, ready. Back.
128. champyonn, challenge. Back.
129. achments, atchievements, glorious actions. Back.
130. speres besprente, broken spears. Back.
131. shente, broke, destroyed. Back.
132. alleine, only, alone. Back.
133. smethynge, smoaking, steaming. Back.
134. merke, dark, gloomy. Back.
135. ethe, ease. Back.
136. hylte, hid, secreted. Back.
137. swotelie, sweetly. Back.
138. ycorvenn, moulded. Back.
139. enshotynge, shooting, darting. Back.
140. hente, grasp, hold. Back.
141. merk-plante, night-shade. Back.
142. Onknowlachynge, ignorant, unknowing. Back.
143. yspende, consider. Back.


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