Somme cherisaunei <60> 'tys to gentle mynde, Whan heie have chevyced <61> theyre londe from bayne <62>, Whan theie ar dedd, theie leave yer name behynde, And theyre good deedes doe on the earthe remayne; Downe yn the grave wee ynhyme <63> everych steyne, Whylest al her gentlenesse ys made to sheene, Lyche fetyve baubels <64> geasonne <65> to be seene.

Ælla, the wardenne of thys <66> castell <67> stede, Whylest Saxons dyd the Englysche sceptre swaie, Who made whole troupes of Dacyan men to blede, 10 Then seel'd <68> hys eyne, and seel'd hys eyne for aie, Wee rowze hym uppe before the judgment daie, To sale what he, as clergyond <69>, can kenne, And howe hee sojourned in the vale of men.

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