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Internet Archive
The Internet Archive is the biggest collection of e-texts available. Searching it can be a bit tricky, as the metadata is often not held consistently, but persistence can often pay off. The books are almost all held as page images, and can be read online, or downloaded in a variety of formats.


Books On-Line Index
Huge index of books on the web. Ex-classics, classics, never-were-classics and maybe-will-be-classics. This is the first place to look if you are trying to find a book online

Project Gutenberg
The original and best web site for free books. Cannot be too highly commended. The late Michael Hart spent 30 years building it up, and it's still going strong. He's a candidate for beatification, at least.


Digital Book Index provides links to more than 103,000 title records from more than 1800 commercial and non-commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. About 64,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free, while many others are available at very modest cost.


Munseys (formerly known as Blackmask) scour the web for public domain e-texts, including ours and Project Gutenberg's, and then convert them into the proprietary formats used by the makers of e-book readers. There are over ten thousand books, and they are all available in the following formats: Daisy DTB; HTML; eBookwise ; Plucker; Rocket eBook; Isilo; Adobe Acrobat; Sony Reader; Mobipocket/Kindle; MS-Reader; Zipped; Adobe Mobile/EPUB; Kindle Fire. If you have hardware which uses these, this is where to go for your books.

If you have a Blackberry or a mobile phone, this site is for YOU! Thousands of books for downloading to read anywhere. Free! All the Ex-Classics books and lots, lots more.


Brycchan Carey's Anti-Slavery Site
Dr. Brycchan Carey has been collecting mainly 18th Century anti-slavery literature, including accounts by former slaves & writings against slavery by English reformers etc. Also a collection of Cornish folk songs.

Francis Galton Web Site
Galton was a Nineteenth-century scholar, whose influence, for good or ill, reveberated through the first half of the Twentieth century. Gavan Tredoux, the site's web master, says:

"Despite his colossal achievements, contemporary reputation and far-reaching influence, Sir Francis Galton is no longer known or appreciated beyond specialist circles, perhaps because many of his views have ceased to command the respect of the polite society of university intellectuals. This site corrects the record, collecting a large selection of Galton-related material, including the full text of his autobiography, and the complete, definitive biography by Karl Pearson. Pearson's outstanding biography has long been unavailable, rare even in libraries."

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