This edition of the Works of John Skelton is taken from the 1843 edition by Alexander Dyce. It includes all the works in English from that edition. The notes have also been taken mainly from there, some additional material has been provided by the Ex-Classics Project. The spelling has been modernised and obsolete words standardised as the primary spelling used by the OED.

Latin verses included in the English poems, and Latin quotations in the notes, have been translated, as follows:

?         Quotations from the Vulgate Bible have been taken from the Douay-Rheims translation.

?         Others have been taken from public domain sources if available; the translator has been credited in each case. PH means Philip Henderson, taken from his 1931 edition; SP refers to the Skelton Project,

?         Uncredited translations are by the Ex-Classics Project.

The Glossary is the work of the Ex-Classics project


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